Book by micro pig breeder from Fenland is a best seller

CUTE and cuddly micro pigs are the stars of a new bestselling book by Fenland breeder Jane Croft about Britain’s must-have pet.

Photographs of the tiny pigs snuffling and squelching in mud can be seen in This Little Piggy. Ten thousand copies of the book have been sold in just two weeks and a new print run has already been ordered.

“I’m really surprised and pleased as the book has sold out after just two weeks,” said Jane, 43, who breeds micro pigs at Little Pig Farm in Christchurch.

“The pigs are exceptionally cute and make pretty pictures so it is a lovely book for children as well as adults and just a bit of fun.”

Micro pigs, which weigh just 9oz when they are born, have become so popular over the last year they are almost impossible to get hold of.

Victoria Beckham is said to have two pint-sized pigs and Paris Hilton, Katie Price and Charlotte Church are also fans. Dannii Minogue and David Tenant were also recently photographed with micro pigs.

At two years old micro pigs are fully grown and weigh in around 40-65 pounds and are around knee height at 12-16 inches tall. The pigs, which cost up to �1,200 each, can live for up to 18 years. They make popular pets as they are low maintenance, quiet and surprisingly clean.

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While some owners have claimed micro pigs do not exist after their so-called pint-sized pigs grew into huge hogs, Jane says the pictures prove otherwise.

“I was also duped into buying pigs which I was told were micro pigs but grew really large and it was horrible,” added Jane.

“But micro pigs do exist and I have hundreds of satisfied customers all over the country.

“There is still a huge interest in micro pigs, my phone never stops ringing and my waiting list for potential owners is huge.”

Jane, who set-up her micro pig breeding business 18 months ago, crosses Miniature Pot Bellied pigs with Tamworths, Kune Kunes and Gloucester Old Spots to create her colourful micro pigs.

The pigs enjoy good food, lots of toys and even have Classic FM piped to their bedrooms. Her new book contains advice on choosing a pet micro pig and how to make your home pig-friendly.

This Little Piggy is published by Kyle Cathie Ltd and costs �9.99.

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