Bootiful Norfolk? Maybe but the same national paper ‘stole’ Wicken Fen from Cambridgeshire!

Website of the Guardian/Observer that 'stole' Wicken Fen

Website of the Guardian/Observer that 'stole' Wicken Fen - Credit: Archant

A NATIONAL paper faced criticism from its own readers today after publishing an article about the charm of Norfolk only to use a photo of a Fenland beauty spot.

“Bootiful: Wicken Fen in Norfolk” said the caption on the photo at the top of the Guardian/Observer website headed ‘eight reasons why Norfolk is cool.”

Readers jumped in quickly to point out that Wicken Fen belongs to Cambridgeshire and not Norfolk.

“Shoot the sub-editor,” said one contributor. “Wicken Fen is in Cambridgeshire, doofus”.

But that wasn’t the only error by the paper which pointed out that Norfolk was home to such luminaries as TV chef Delia Smith- she lives in Suffolk! Indeed she recently featured in tourist guide offering a list of famous Suffolk celebrities.

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The article did point out, correctly, that Broadland was last week named Britain’s most peaceful place but then Wisbech has been recently labelled one of the top 30 best towns in Britain in which to live.

And East Cambs regularly features in lists of most beautiful and/or peaceful parts of the country.

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