BRAKESPEARE: Cambridge computer wizards create website which answers your question... but does it work?

COMPUTER wizards at Cambridge have come up with another wheeze to impress and delight - what they’re terming a smart alec website.

Pay a visit to and you’ll discover the latest gizmo to which to pose your questions and to find answers.

Co-founder William Tunstall-Pedoe says the website is a “phone-a-friend” on the internet which can answer “trillions” of questions.

“What’s new is that it is a website which answers the question,” said Mr Tunstall-Pedoe.

“It doesn’t give you references to articles mentioning the words in the question. It gives you the answer. Ask it when Bob Dylan’s birthday is and it will simply tell you. And it if doesn’t know the answer it will say it doesn’t know.”

Perhaps Brakespeare hasn’t quite got it yet, or perhaps the website just needs time to settle down for when I posed the question “Where is the capital of the Fens?” back came the response: “Sorry, I don’t know the answer to that question.”

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