BRAKESPEARE: Editor of Fenland village newsletter has knuckles rapped by reader for irish jokes

KNUCKLES have been rapped in Christchurch, and lessons learned, following the decision by parish newsletter editor Pat Mills to include a couple of Irish jokes in the January issue of The Heron.

This month’s edition carries a letter from Dr J Osborne complaining about the inclusion of both jokes.

“What next?” says Dr Osborne? “Jokes about black people, Jews, the Welsh? Pandering to stereotypes is a cheap way to get a laugh. I’m sure I am not alone in not appreciating this kind of humour.”

Mrs Mills is suitably contrite and offers an apology to Dr Osborne “and to any other readers who may have taken offence”.

She blamed a reader for sending them to her but offers the assurance “that I will not be including any more jokes in future issues”.

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