BRAKESPEARE: Fenland Council makes it easy to find out what groups our councillors belong to

IF you’ve ever wondered what groups our councillors belong to or what business interests they have, Fenland District Council has made it easier for you to find out.

A little-trumpeted change to �councillor details on their website means you can see for yourself how councillors either earn their cash, tend their investments or what outside groups they belong to.

Hence I can tell you, for instance, that council chairman Councillor Ralph Butcher is a member of the Herds Bulls and Grasses Charity while �Councillor Fred Yeulett is a member of the �Honourable Company of Master Mariners.

Councillor Kit Owen is a part-time self-employed pest technician, �Councillor Robert Scrimshaw a member of the National Registration of Sprayer �Operatives, and Councillor Simon King is a Yellow Pages supervisor. �Councillor Ken Mayor describes his occupation as self-employed, part-time limousine driver.

Former leader Geoff Harper says his employment is ‘political consultancy’ and he notes he’s an (unpaid) research assistant to Malcolm Moss MP (either he’s forgotten Malcolm stepped down or the list is out of date!).

For real fun spot the Freemasons or, if time permits, spend 10 minutes or so going through the list of organisations which have Cllr King as a member.

At a quick glance I counted at least 30.

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