BRAKESPEARE: Fenland’s Lib Dems ask if voters have been threatened with Con Club ban if they don’t vote Tory

OVER in Chatteris word finally reaches me of the Fenland Lib Dems where town councillor Chris Howes has been busy assembling a winter ‘special’ of his party’s newsletter.

Plenty to interest a chap like Brakespeare, of course, especially a survey residents are being asked to fill in which contains a YES/NO possibility to the question: Have you ever been told that you will be barred from the local Con Club if you don’t vote Tory?

Selling off Grove House is also raised in the survey (wasn’t this done when Labour controlled the council in the 1990s?) and swimming, leisure, and buses are included.

There’s also a question about “Conservative plans to charge for parking in the Fenland market towns” but that seems to be no longer on the council agenda anyway.

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