BRAKESPEARE: How fuel price hike means good news for one Fenland businessman

ONE beneficiary of the recent hike in fuel prices is Paul Davies whose March based company makes machines that turn waste or fresh cooking oil in bio diesel.

His company, Fenland Bio Diesel Processors, began life in Outwell (in his back yard as it happens) but he moved into March two years.

“Production costs are 21p a litre, including chemicals, electric and water,” he says. “So at the current rate you can save yourself about �1.10 a litre.”

Mr Davies has also found a decent export line with his products.

“They’re going all over the world,” he said. “My furthest machines away at the moment in South Africa but we also have them in France,, Germany, Spain, Ireland and Scotland.”

Very confident man, is Mr Davies, who reckons that the �1,650 charge for setting yourself up with one of his packages can see you get your money back “guaranteed within five months.”

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