BRAKESPEARE: “It’s Your Fenland... be proud of it” says council as it calls for community imvolvement

IF you feel you can take it, I discover Fenland District Council is preparing yet another campaign – and we are all being urged to be part of it.

“It’s Your Fenland... be proud of it” is the latest ‘feelgood’ initiative by the Fenland Hall boffins.

Councillors got a taste of it last Thursday in the three-year corporate plan which they agreed with little comment.

The campaign they heard from Carol Pilson, head of policy and communications, is to “celebrate and promote Fenland’s unique environment and encourage residents, community groups, tourists and businesses alike to look after our unique heritage and take pride in Fenland.”

There’s plenty more where that came from ( but Carol forewarned of a campaign launch very soon which will see unveiled “a series of innovative environmental campaigns for residents to get involved in”.

I’m always pleased when council officers show such excitement. I had a similar experience last year after Carol co-authored a report which claimed “a total of 2,083,500 people visited Fenland in 2009 for day trips or overnight stays and spent �102,406,000.”

As I remarked at the time: “Truly mind-boggling stuff and how different from a couple of years ago when a tourism strategy produced by the council admitted they were unable, at that stage, to quantify visitor numbers and spending.”

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