BRAKESPEARE: Letter clarifies which Bramley Line website is the official one

GOOD to see time has neither healed nor resolved ownership of all things Bramley, as a letter from Brian Baylis confirms.

He was spurred into action by my comments last week on the Bramley Line and reminds me the two competing websites comprise one official website – his – and the other run by Owen Smithers, who he describes as a “joke of a website and claiming to be ‘friends’ of the line”.

Mr Baylis insists the ‘other’ site has nothing to do with the official site and then goes into graphic detail of the spat that brought the separation about.

“I refuse to read that comic these days,” trills Mr Baylis, a little too unkindly in my opinion, but there it is.

How re-assuring all of this is to Network Rail and negotiations to reopen the line is anyone’s guess.

“The only website for the line is and where the truth gets told,” insists Mr Baylis.

Round three, I suspect, coming up!

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