BRAKESPEARE: Melton to split roles of leader and finance portfolio holder at Fenland if re-elected

THE mammoth budget speech delivered by Councillor Alan Melton at last Thursday’s district council meeting began, hopefully enough for his critics, when he announced that “this is the last budget that I will present”.

However, any rejoicing was shortlived for what Alan did reveal was that should he be re-elected to the council in May, and should he subsequently be re-elected leader, then he would split the role of leader and finance portfolio holder – both positions he currently holds.

“The reason I say that is because with what has gone on over the last year, it’s been one of the most difficult budgets that I have ever seen put together,” he said.

Cllr Melton then went on to deliver his 3,957-word budget speech (copies can be made available!).

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