BRAKESPEARE: My delight at seeing revellers enjoy a beer on Whittlesey’s streets during Straw Bear

FASCINATING day out in Whittlesey for the Straw Bear festival but even more fascinating was the sight of hundreds – possibly thousands – supping beer as they trawled the multitude of pubs in the town.

Among familiar faces enjoying the revelries was Councillor Martin Curtis and his son, both enjoying the occasion and both, as it happens, clutching (plastic) glasses of real ale.

I thought for a moment Whittlesey had escaped the draconian affect of a ban on drinking in public places, but I was assured the controls apply to all Fenland towns.

It’s just that on this particular day in the calendar both police and council officials turn a blind eye to it.

Martin can see how some might see it as an anomalous position but most, including your diarist as it happens, are delighted to see a pragmatic approach being taken.

In March, for example, and for a few fleeting hours during the summer festival, revellers in West End Park do, for example, enjoy a similar and unofficial de-restriction.

And long may it continue.

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