BRAKESPEARE: My favourite filling station in Fenland doesn’t disappoint - with fuel nearly �1.50 per litre

IT’S always fun to speculate what the price hike on fuel may be at Brakespeare’s favourite filling station... and the garage at Three Holes didn’t disappoint.

Diesel at a handsome 149.9p per litre was hardly a surprise and maintained the differential to be found elsewhere.

It seemed an impertinence to pop in and question the marketing philosophy that drives this entrepreneurial enterprise: perhaps the owners are hoping their signs will become something of a tourist attraction?

Please feel free to e-mail your suggestion.

DISCUSSING fuel prices in March, one stalwart of the business community reminded me of the conversation he had with an employee during the 1970s.

When the boss asked his worker why he hadn’t asked for more money to fill his tank, back came the response that nothing much had changed.

“I always put a tenner’s worth of petrol in the car on a Friday and when that runs out I walk,” he replied.

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