BRAKESPEARE: My surprise that Oxbridge ski convention sponsor will never again after students’ antics

I HAVE no idea what sponsors of a competitive ski competition at a French resort hosting a winter ‘convention’ of 2,500 Cambridge and Oxford students had in mind but contemplative study and monastic sorties into the snow were never likely to figure on the agenda.

So it came as a surprise that the company which sponsored an end of week ski competition has decided never again after the event descended into what has been widely reported this week as some sort of debauched piste party.

Competitors posing naked for erotic pictures, and others having pasta sauce and chocolate sauce smeared over their bodies, seemed mild to what I recall of my own student days.

One sideshow, to smash an egg “as creatively as possible” did offer some possibilities as did the drink of choice for the runners up but perhaps you prefer not to know where some of the eggs landed or the mind boggling content of the chosen beverage.

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