BRAKESPEARE: Network Rail spokesman describes �17m redevelopment of Cambridge station as good ‘bang for your buck’

ALWAYS enjoyable to hear some positive news ... and Russell Spink, a spokesman for Network Rail, was in fine fettle as he outlined details of the investment into Cambridge Rail Station, improvements which will benefit many readers.

“It’s just under �17million, which, I know sounds like a lot of money but in terms of bang for your buck and the improvements it will deliver, I think its money well spent,” he chortled down the airwaves.

Unsure whether “bang for your buck” was an altogether appropriate phrase, I consulted to trace its origin, and was assured the phrase began life through the lips of an American politician in the 1950s and emphasised value for money.

Wiki answers notes that “while bang has been used in sexual senses since the 17th century, it is unrelated to our phrase.

“However, since people are always eager to give things sexual connotations whether or not they are called for, some prudence would be a good idea.”


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