BRAKESPEARE: Party time for ex-Fenland Council comms chief as he talks to editor of The Sun

FORMER communications chief at Fenland Hall, David Hamilton, has become quite the party animal these days judging by the excitement he generates on his Twitter account.

Attending a birthday party in London on Friday for Isabel Mohan, the 30-year-old editor of The Mirror’s 3am column, he was after bigger fish so to speak and words with her older brother Dominic.

“Whilst partygoers tried to acclimatise to the oppressive heat inside the bar I chatted to Sun editor Dominic Mohan about growing up in Fenland,” tweeted David.

“Interesting to hear it was Dominic’s short stint in local government that led to him starting on The Sun and his meteoric rise to the top.

“He’s a really engaging guy and a great role model for many young people growing up in The Fens.”

Dominic studied at both Cromwell Community College in Chatteris and Neale-Wade Community College in March before heading off to Southampton University to read English. His parents still live in Chatteris.

Meanwhile, I ploughed on to find out how Isabel, who also went to Cromwell Community College, was enjoying being 30. Not so good I’m afraid.

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“Me 30! Why God why? We had a deal! Let the others grow old, not me,” she tweeted at the weekend.

She also wrote that she was “not impressed that I’ve woken up on my 30th birthday with a massive spot on my face” but how she coped thereafter I decided was something I could live without.

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