BRAKESPEARE: Poem arrives about Fenland Council leader after his shift on the bins

AN intriguing piece of poetry arrives from a Paddy McGinty whose verse is sprawled across a delightful card which, curiously, features a photo of the drawing room of Sandringham House.

Mr McGinty, or whoever, pens five verses about the attributes (or otherwise) of the Fenland Council leader, prompted it would seem by our photo last week of Councillor Alan Melton working the bins with chief executive Sandra Claxton.

Four of the five verses ought to, I fear, remain locked in my drawer but the second verse? Just about passable, so here goes:

How he climbed the ladder,

We don’t even know,

Someone kicked his bottom,

And up, up he goes.

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The whole of the poem, Mr McG, I will pass on to Cllr M when next we meet – once I’ve conducted a statutory risk assessment necessary for such occasions!

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