BRAKESPEARE: Thanks to Press Complaints Commission for ruling that Twitter posts are in public interest

HAPPILY, the Press Complaints Commission decreed this week that whatever is put on social network site Tweeter is in the public domain and can be of interest to the public or, alternatively, in the public interest.

So to Manea, where independent councillor Mark Archer tweeted that “a certain ‘rodent’ has been trying to ‘infest’ my street pride group recently. Plenty of rat traps out there, fortunately!”

Heavens! What can it all mean?

SENSIBLE advice, also via Twitter, from Fenland county councillor Steve Tierney to former county councillor Matt Bradney, who lost his seat – and de facto his Cabinet post responsible for highways – at the last election.

“You had the kiss of death portfolio Matt,” tweets Cllr Tierney. “Next time, grab one of the nice ones.”

ALSO on Twitter I noticed March independent candidate Reg Kemp has joined the fray.

“I’m getting the hang of this Twitter lark – good innit?,” he tweeted.

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And by midweek it was revealed he’d discovered a long-lost relative from Australia and began a succession of rants against Conservative-controlled Fenland District Council.

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