BRAKESPEARE: The irony of a press release from Littlehey Prison hours before this week’s near riot

IRONY indeed in a press release which dropped into my inbox at about 1.43pm on Monday from Linda Callander, �introducing herself as the new media liaison officer for the young offenders at Littlehey near Huntingdon.

She enclosed encouraging news about a mentoring charity at Littlehey looking for volunteers “who share a passion for helping young offenders go straight on release from prison”.

Ms Callander asked if we had any problems “please let me know”.

Unfortunately, before we had time to get back to her, the prison was making national headlines after a near riot at the prison took place in which rampaging young offenders had thrown boiling water (mixed with sugar) at one officer and assaulted another.

Amidst the arrival of dozens of extra prison officers, wearing riot gear and holding shields, at the prison later that night it didn’t seem a particularly good moment to discuss further the recruitment of mentors to “provide role models for young men who may feel like they have nobody to turn to and no other option than crime”.

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