BRAKESPEARE: The man who wrote Fenland tea ladies’ testimonial - where is he now? At

LAST week we had cause to look up former Fenland marketing executive Vipul Patel who, five years ago, had written a glowing testimony to the recuperative qualities of his morning cuppa served up by the soon-to-be-axed tea ladies at Fenland Hall.

While researching the comments, a colleague developed one of those ‘I wonder what he is doing now’ moments since Mr Patel’s tenure at Fenland Hall lasted just eight months.

My colleague was delighted to find Mr Patel still has paid employment in the marketing world but was surprised to discover his part-time, and unpaid, job as marketing manager for

Mr Patel has done the job for eight years, looking after the world’s most visited unofficial 007 website.

His ‘work’ includes studying the James Bond movies, keeping readers abreast of news and rumours and hosting conversations on Bond films, Bond girls, Bond cars, Bond gadget and Bond music.

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