BRAKESPEARE: The problems for Cambs Against the Cuts Organising Committee with setting up account

VARYING reports of their efficacy are being reported about actions from the Cambridgeshire Against the Cuts Organising Committee, but still the protests continue.

Latest minutes from the committee details protests both inside and outside Cambridge and in the county’s market towns.

Given that many attach blame to bankers for getting us to the point of possible no return in respect of cuts to services, I was intrigued by the problems the committee are having with their bankers.

Under the finance heading of their agenda, the committee noted that Stephen was to “chase problems with setting up account”.

The committee member referred to I take to be Stephen Lintott, who describes himself as a union activist, pacifist and Cambridge Green Party co-ordinator.

And probably no friends of bankers. His recent re-tweet left me smiling all the way to the bank!

“Cameron calls for an end to ‘Banker bashing’. That really does sound simply like something that gets done after lights out at Eton,” young Mr Lintott re-tweeted to his 167 followers.

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