Bramley Line Heritage Trust was unable to put together workable plan because public don’t want heritage line

BRIAN Baylis is not thinking straight. I and my wife were members of the Bramley Line Heritage Group from the start, long before he was a member.

It soon became obvious that the trust was unable to put together a workable plan and, without a proper website, wanted mine. Refusing this, we were asked to resign in 2007. Childish but there it is.

That site is no longer but all the photographs I took are linked to Railfuture’s website

Mr Baylis wants to know where the voters were when the trust wanted backing to open a heritage line.

I think that should now be clear. The population wants a regular service link beyond March, a point the population has made abundantly clear with almost 3,000 residents having now signed up to this request to re-open the branch line for mainline traffic and possibly freight now that we have a direct rail link into Europe.

Sure there are a few who think everyone has a car and why we need a railway. Fortunately those living in a selfish past are few.

It’s attitudes such as this that is pulling Wisbech down to an almost ghost town level. It must not happen.

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Opening the railway would be a lifeline for the town and set it back once again as The Capital of the Fens.


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