Bramley Line Press Officer speaks out

I AM writing on behalf of the Bramley Line Heritage Railway Trust in response to Brakespeare’s article “On the line” (Wisbech Standard March 11).

Firstly I would like to point out that Mr Baylis holds no position within the Heritage Railway Trust, does not speak on behalf of the Trust nor are his comments supported by the Trust. While we recognise the right of Mr Smithers, or anyone else, to hold views about how to re-open the Wisbech to March railway which differ from our own, we are solely concerned with developing and implementing our own strategy for re-opening the line as a heritage railway.

Secondly Brakespeare states “how reassuring is all this to Network Rail and negotiations to re-open the line is anyone’s guess”. If Brakespeare had bothered to contact us he would not have needed to guess. Just last month Network Rail and the Railway Inspectorate reached agreement with us for the Trust to develop the site at Waldersea to relay sidings for storing and renovating rolling stock and creating a base there. This is the first stage in the Trust’s plans for re-opening the line.

Since the Trust took over from the original Bramley Line group 12 months ago significant progress has been made. We first took expert legal advice which has informed us of what is needed to gain control of the line and has assisted our development of a re-opening strategy. In May last year we were admitted to the Heritage Railway Association and now, after successful negotiations with Network Rail, the group is starting to relay the first siding at Waldersea. While I respect Brakespeare’s right to criticise our progress it would be nice if he contacted us to ensure he gets his facts right first before commenting. I am happy for you to pass my e-mail address on to Brakespeare so he can get in touch with me and learn the true facts about the Trust.


Press and Publicity lead

Bramley Line Heritage Railway Trust

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