Bramley Line targetted by thieves

SINCE the summer of 2010 I have been a working volunteer member of the Bramley Line, Wisbech-March Railway.

Our aim is to restore the moth balled line between these two Fenland towns, closed to passengers in 1968 and goods in 1989. This railway opened in 1847, still has a great future re-opened for use as a heritage line for steam, diesel and later commuter traffic.

Lately the railway has suffered from the theft of rail components along the line worth thousands of pounds. Organized scrap metal thieves are coming along the track between Wisbech and Coldham at night and stripping the line wholesale. If they are allowed to carry on the eight miles of line will be stripped of all its track components.

If any citizen of Wisbech and March area know or hear anything please contact the British Transport Police or your local police station. The gang has to be 4-8 people in number and will have large pick up trucks. I have laid and lifted track, it is heavy work. These thieves must be desperate for money.

This railway is part of your local heritage so please help. Also if people wish to join the Bramley Line membership forms are available at Wisbech Tourist Information Centre.


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