Bramley Line will benefit Wisbech

Barry Collier gave a negative view of the prospect of a restored branch line, and threw in additional negative views of the existing Heritage Railway project and the Fens themselves - advice from an ex-railwayman postbag March 14.

I thought I’d offer a contrasting view.

If the money is there the branch line will be restored and obstacles will be overcome and it will be of great benefit to the residents of Wisbech and the surrounding villages.

Many thanks to the local MP Steve Barclay for pushing it forward, by the way I’m not a Tory rather the reverse, but praise must be given where it is due.

When I came to Wisbech just over two years ago I was delighted to find a Heritage Railway Project that I could help out in.

In 2012 there was just a depot at Waldersea and the beginnings of ground preparation for a new track.

It was great fun to help prepare the ground, levelling it, laying a weed barrier on it and sifting rubble to a uniform size to form a foundation for the rails.

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Then came the track laying and in 2013 almost a hundred feet of track was set. Now in 2014 there is rolling stock to be restored; a wonderful achievement!

Did I not mention that I moved from Yorkshire and I don’t find the Fens dismal but fascinating - a landscape with distant horizons, the mix of man and nature to create a well-drained enormous grow bag and all the food growing in the fields I find delightful.

Hills and dales are attractive but you can’t eat them. The name used by locals for the branch line and used by the Wisbech heritage railway is not the Bramley Line without good reason.


Oakley Close, Wisbech