BREAKING NEWS: Melton enjoys sweet taste of success as Tories score early triple

JUBILANT Tories celebrated three quick victories in Fenland today - including that of Council Leader Alan Melton.

Cllr Melton’s narrow win four years ago in Birch Ward was but a distant memory today as he recorded a resounding victory over Lib Dem Christine Colbert with UKIP’s Sandra Rylance beaten into third place.

Cllr Melton said after his win: “I’m delighted, to be fair I’m ecstatic to get 54.7 per cent of the votes in the highest turnout ever in the ward.

“It is an overwhelming majority. It’s a proper majority because my increase in votes has gone up substantially.

“I see it as a vindication of all the hard work that I have done for my ward the town of Chatteris and as my work as leader of Fenland District Council.

“I was nervous because Christine is a very good candidate who has worked hard but I see this as a true vindication of what I have done.

“Despite criticism levelled at me over the last four years I have been completely backed by the people that really count, and that is the voters. I will not let them down.”

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Colbert: 234

Melton: 424

Rylance: 107

And there was more good news for the Tories in Whittlesey and Wisbech.

Former Whittlesey mayor and Cabinet member Ken Mayor polled 392, a comfortable 278 majority over his Lib Dem opponent Tracey Wilkes.


Mayor: 392

Wilkes 104

In Wisbech Carol Cox saw off a hoped for resurgence by Labour’s Ann Purt and Lib Dem Robert McLaren was clearly among the also rans.


Cox: 258

McLaren 70

Purt: 127

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