Brexit Party’s Mike Greene says ‘we’ve lost a battle not the war’ after Peterborough by-election

Brexit Party candidate Mike Greene gives a thumbs down as newly elected Labour MP Lisa Forbes gives

Brexit Party candidate Mike Greene gives a thumbs down as newly elected Labour MP Lisa Forbes gives her winners speech after the count for the Peterborough. Photo: Joe Giddens/PA Wire - Credit: PA

Mike Greene the Brexit Party candidate who narrowly lost the Peterborough by-election, has vowed that he will fight again for the people of the city he loves.

Mr Greene lost the election to Labour candidate Lisa Forbes by just 683 votes.

Talking at a post-election gathering being held for the volunteers and supporters who have stood by him for the past four weeks, he said voters should "remember that the Labour Party have millions of pounds to throw at elections and have been doing this for more than a hundred years".

"What tonight has shown is how close we came to make them realise that this country will not put up with policies like theirs and the Conservatives any more," Mr Greene said.

"People in this city and up and down the country are demanding more from their representatives.

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"There will be a general election soon - I think we all know that - and I will be back to fight for Peterborough which is a city I love very much.

"I think Peterborough deserves more than tonight's result has given them, and in time they will get it.

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"We lost a battle tonight, but we can still win the war."

Richard Tice, chairman of the Brexit Party speaking at the same event, said: "We've come here in a matter of just a few days and taken this by election by storm; yes the result is a disappointment by Mike Greene is a great candidate and he loves this city and he has said that he will come back and fight again.

"There is going to be a general election in this country in the not too distant future, and we are going to need a lot more Mike Greene's up and down the United Kingdom to give the voters of this country what they deserve."

Asked how Nigel Farage was feeling after the result, Mr Tice said: "Nigel has gone home downhearted, but not surprised as the Labour Party have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at this by-election to get the result they desperately needed, literally dragging people out of their houses tonight to get them to the polling stations.

"Nigel is a pragmatist, and like Mike Greene and the Brexit Party, he will be back - only next time, stronger, wiser and winning."

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