Brother pays tribute to 'strongest character I've ever known'

Aaron Driver of Wimblington

The brother of Aaron Driver (pictured) said he was "the strongest character I’ve ever known". - Credit: Family

A man has paid tribute to his brother who was “the strongest character I’ve ever known”. 

Aaron Driver of Wimblington was born with myotonic dystrophy, a genetic disorder which affected his muscles and organs. 

“My late mum had the condition when she died two years ago; mum had a mild form of the condition, which Aaron had a severe form of,” Stefan Driver, Aaron’s brother, said. 

“When Aaron was born, he had severe learning difficulties to the point he could not attend mainstream school after primary school.” 

Aaron died aged 38 after he collapsed at home on October 14. 

Aaron, who had required daily care from relatives due to his condition, saw his health and mobility worsen over the last five years. 

His speech was also severely impaired. 

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“He had the mental age of a child between five and 10-years-old,” Stefan said. 

“In his life, he has had to face challenges because of his disabilities.  

“At school was where some people made fun of him, bullying him to the point where he could not leave the home to go to the park.” 

Since he turned 18-years-old, Aaron was a regular attendee at FACET in March, which works with adults who are living with disabilities. 

This became the place where he could relax, smile and make friendships. 

Stefan said that his younger brother always thought positively and never complained about any challenges he faced. 

“He was at FACET five days a week, where he was a very well-liked character,” said Stefan. 

“FACET brought more out of Aaron than anything else he has ever done and he never once complained about anything. 

“There were no negatives with Aaron. When my children came along, he always wanted to buy them presents to make sure they were happy.” 

Stefan, who thanked paramedics for trying to revive Aaron, admired the way his brother would continue through his challenges in the strongest possible way. 

He added: “For me, Aaron was the strongest character I’ve ever known.  

“He went through what he endured, never complained and went his own way.” 

A Cambridgeshire police spokesperson said Aaron’s death is “not being treated as suspicious and has been passed to the coroner.”