Bucknor warns of rocketing Council Tax fear but Farmer accuses her of point scoring

TOWN clerk Erbie Murat warned Wisbech councillors they may have to raise tens of thousands of pounds extra next year if they want to do everything that’s being discussed.

Independent councillor Virginia Bucknor says she’s done the sums and fears the council is proposing a 50 per cent rise in local Council Tax.

“It’s important that residents speak to their own town councillors otherwise it will just be nodded through and although we’ll fight for it not to happen this may go unreported and unminuted,” she said.

Cllr Bucknor said she based her claims on Mr Murat’s report to the resources committee on Monday which said for every extra �10,000 they raise it equates to a five per cent increase on the precept.

He listed proposals that include �40,000 to cover the Market Place, and also a further �60,000 that might be needed to acquire the Bramley Line lease.

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Mayor of Wisbech, Councillor Jonathan Farmer, said: “The figure of a 50 per cent rise in the precept is an absolute lie. She has plucked that percentage out of the air and married two figures together. It’s all smoke and mirrors.”

Cllr Farmer said no definite figures have been discussed as of yet but admitted the council “is set for a difficult few years because it’s likely to end up with the responsibility for things we haven’t had before. It might mean Council Tax might have to increase by �3 a year for residents but people have got to understand we can’t run on nothing.”

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Of the Bramley Line he said the council would be looking at it further although at this stage “it’s all ifs and buts.”

He added: “She’s just trying to score points ahead of next week’s election. It’s all political points scoring. In reality she hopes we lose our seat next week. She’s just causing a bit of mischief.”.

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