WATCH: Fury in Chatteris as Budgens closes making 18 people redundant

Budgens in Chatteris is closing. Photo: Harry Rutter

Budgens in Chatteris is closing. Photo: Harry Rutter - Credit: Archant

Eighteen jobs will be lost in Chatteris later this month when Budgens closes its High Street store.

Budgens in Chatteris is closing. Photo: Harry Rutter

Budgens in Chatteris is closing. Photo: Harry Rutter - Credit: Archant

The decision has not gone down well with customers who felt the town would suffer unless the store is taken over by another convenience retailer.

Local businessman Peter Taylor said: “It’s a total disaster, I run a local business and we rely on local business and I think the council should step in and make a community shop out of it.

“I know what’s going to happen to it, they’re going to build on it and put houses on it, and they want to save the high street, well we’ve already killed the high street.”

One passer by said: “Well I don’t think it’s very good, I think we need somewhere for the elderly in town.”

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Another felt “the store is over priced but it is still an essential part of Chatteris I think because a lot of people still use the shop and it’s within walking distance for older people in the area.”

One other thought it “a crying shame but I’m really not surprised because Aldi was the death of Budgens, it was already having a really hard time economically because the prices were, basically, too high and people would only use it as a quick stop shop.

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One other shopper said: “It’s the only one [supermarket] in the middle of the town. (And if you don’t have car how will you get down there?) If you’re an old aged pensioner it’s not good.”

Tina Prior posted on Facebook that she felt it was a nail in the coffin for Chatteris.

She said: “As a business owner I am really concerned about the whole situation.

“I recently had a meeting with the mayor and some of the Chatteris Town Council to address these concerns.

“The town plan is being launched and I urge you all to take a look and, if you are able, attend the forthcoming meeting on May 11.

“We need to act as a community if we stand any chance of saving our town, the independent shops here and our High Street.”

Bechah Barber thought the staff at Budgens “are so nice and friendly and it is always busy! Such a shame. It’s obvious it’s down to Poundstretcher but, I just feel bad for the staff at Budgens.”

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