March girl, 11, donates £1,300 she raised at junior wheelchair race during London Marathon to Buffs Locomotive Lodge

Chloe Lewis (pictured at Buffs) has donated £1,300 to Buffs Locomotive Lodge based at the March Braz

Chloe Lewis (pictured at Buffs) has donated £1,300 to Buffs Locomotive Lodge based at the March Braza Club after competing in the junior wheelchair race at the London Marathon. Picture: Submitted - Credit: Archant

A March girl, who raced in the junior wheelchair race as part of the London Marathon, has donated her sponsorship money to Buffs Locomotive Lodge.

The RAOB club, that meets once a week at the March Braza Club on Station Road, accepted the £1,318 donation from Chloe Lewis to say thank you for the group’s support.

The locomotive lodge club met Chloe six years ago when she was in need of a new specialist wheelchair to help with her spina bifida.

Her family had been fundraising but they were just short of the final cost. The club adopted her as their ‘cause to offer assistance’ and provided the rest of the money.

As the 11-year-old grew up she was outgrowing her chair, the club again raised the funds for a new one and her original chair went to a girl in Whittlesey.

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After racing in the junior wheel chair race she insisted that her £1,318 sponsorship money went to the lodge to say thank you.

A spokesman said: “She is getting on so well that she has been training with the Paralympian team in Harrow.

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“They have made it quite clear that she has great potential in the field of wheelchair racing.”

“The money received will go towards local causes.”

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