Bungling burglar who tried to smash front door of chip ship with a brick caught wearing stolen jacket

Burglar Isaac Barry targeted two houses and a chip shop but was caught on CCTV wearing a jacket he h

Burglar Isaac Barry targeted two houses and a chip shop but was caught on CCTV wearing a jacket he had stolen from one of the locations. Picture: POLICE - Credit: Archant

A burglar who targeted two houses and a chip shop was caught on CCTV wearing a jacket he had stolen from one of the locations.

Isaac Barry, 27, first targeted the Woodston Chippy in Oundle Road, Peterborough, just after 10pm on December 28 together with another man.

He was seen on CCTV to smash the front door to with a brick or rock.

Barry, of Huntly Grove, Peterborough, then kicked through the shattered glass of the door allowing the other man to steal a charity box from inside.

He then targeted a flat on Eastfield Road, Peterborough, in the early hours of New Year's Day.

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He kicked open the front door to the building's communal area before stealing a bike. He was caught on CCTV just before 2.30am entering the building before leaving with the bike.

Barry was also caught on CCTV trying to steal £40 of baby milk from the Co-op on Mayor's Walk, Peterborough, on 6 January before being stopped by staff.

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One week later, on 13 January, Barry targeted a house in Granville Street, Peterborough, between midnight and 4am.

The victim woke up to find notifications on his phone saying that his card had been used at various locations.

The man went downstairs to look for his wallet which he had left in the coat pocket. He discovered that this had been taken together with his bike, a candle and a set of house keys.

The victim's bank card had been used in four different places. It was used twice to spend £32 at The International Food Store and Barry was caught on CCTV with a woman.

He arrived at the store on a bike and was wearing the stolen jacket.

Barry then tried to use the card again to pay for almost £20 of food at McDonald's on Bourges Boulevard, but it was declined.

CCTV from McDonald's shows Barry with the same woman, wearing the same clothing as before.

Barry then tried to use the card a third time at Eastfield Convenience Store just before 5pm on the same day.

The card transaction for £30 was declined, and Barry was caught again on CCTV wearing the same stolen jacket.

When he was arrested at his flat officers discovered the jacket stolen from the Granville Street burglary.

In police interview Barry answered "no comment" to all questions asked by officers.

However, he pleaded guilty to three counts of burglary, one count of theft and three counts of fraud at Peterborough Crown Court on Tuesday (18 January).

Detective Sergeant Justin Parr said: "Barry showed a complete lack of regard for the people at the houses and businesses he targeted.

"He tried to profit from using stolen cards, used a stolen bike to travel to these locations and even wore a stolen jacket.

"Burglary can have a devastating impact on victims, which is why tackling it is one of our priorities. We are working hard every day to bring offenders before the courts."

Barry was sentenced on the same day, where he was handed three years and 12 weeks in prison.

For burglary prevention advice visit: www.cambs.police.uk/A-Z/Burglary

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