The strange calls police 999 operators get in Cambridgeshire – including one man burping down the line three times

A man has been recorded burping down the line during a 999 call to emergency services in Cambridgesh

A man has been recorded burping down the line during a 999 call to emergency services in Cambridgeshire. Picture: Facebook/CambsCops - Credit: Facebook/CambsCops

Police 999 call operators in Cambridgeshire have received a number of strange calls over the last few days – here are some of the strangest ones.

Handlers have revelled that in just a couple of days, one caller has asked for police to arrange and Elvis-themed party and another has called them three times to burp down the line.

In an audio clip online, a man can be heard belching down the telephone to the call handler who is trying his best to move the person on.

Speaking of the clip, a spokesman for Cambridgeshire Police said: "This may make you laugh, but for us this is no laughing matter.

"Regardless of how many fizzy drinks you've had, this is not an appropriate use of our 999 emergency line.

"Calls like these keep our lines busy, meaning we may struggle to answer calls and deal with genuine emergencies as quickly as you would like us to.

"Please only dial 999 when you really need our help."

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Police revealed they also received 20 silent calls from the same number in one morning, stopping officers from helping people who really need them.

One Cambridgeshire resident, talking of the audio clip, said: "Some might find it funny but there aren't endless operators waiting to take 999 calls.

"This idiot will be stopping a genuine call getting through #phoneafriendnot999."

A spokesman for the Willingham Village Facebook page added: "We would be cautious about sharing this.

"We don't wish to encourage any more morons to call you - do you not think that by giving burping idiots like this airtime, it just encourages other morons?

"If research shows that outing them works, we would be happy to share to help you, but at the moment we are unconvinced."

On a more positive note, they also revealed that their dedicated drink and drug driver report hotline has been well used this month.

The spokesman added: "We've had 11 calls to our confidential drink and drug drive hotline last month, and seven calls so far this month.

"The dedicated hotline, 0800 032 0845, is available 24/7, and gives you the opportunity to supply us with information to help reduce the number of drink and drug drivers on our roads.

"You can also report drink or drug drivers online here:"

Speaking of the dud calls, the spokesman reiterated: "Our demand hub answers thousands of calls each month.

"Examples like this could cause delay in us speaking to people who really need our help. Please only dial 999 in a genuine emergency."

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