Buses to Peterborough

I’m sick and tired of Mr Kemp running down the bus route to Peterborough via the “estates”.

I have previously replied to a letter of his months ago (him going on about 20 minutes extra to get to Peterborough) in fact where I get on (one of the “estates”) I’m sitting on the bus an extra 15 minutes before getting to his pick-up point and enjoying it and grateful that we have a service.

Can’t he see that there are people later on these “estates” that can’t drive and probably can’t walk into March if these buses were stopped. What about people who need to get to hospital appointments etc - are we complaining that the hospital has now been moved!

I was on the same bus as Mr Kemp the other week - he was talking so loud and saying where he was going on his ‘FREE’ pass that he must of missed the passengers that got an around the “estates”.

We could lose the services around the “estates” but what a very, very selfish man to worry about 20 minutes extra travelling time and as a stated before not everyone is in a position to afford taxis into March.


Cavalry Park

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