Business must come first says councillors as they reject advice and approve Knowles expansion

BUSINESS must come first say Fenland councillors who rejected advice to halt expansion of a haulier’s yard on road safety grounds.

Fifteen neighbours argued that any expansion of Knowles Transport in Manea Road, Wimblington, would make the road more dangerous and Cambridgeshire County Council argued that visibility into and out of the site is less than required.

It was a view shared by officers of Fenland District Council who argued that Knowles Transport had put forward development plans that were “unacceptable on the grounds that it does not make appropriate provision for visibility along Manea Road in an easterly direction.”

Officers also alleged an entrance opposite could result in a number of “conflicting vehicles movements from both sites” and compromised highway safety. But members of Fenland District Council Planning Committee rejected the comments and voted to allow the expansion to go ahead alongside the B1093.

The extension will be to an existing grain store and will also allow for the formation of a reservoir.

Owner Tony Knowles has been told by councillors they expect an archaeological survey of the site.

Landscaping has also been placed into the conditions together with construction of a vehicular access.

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Planners will also insist the premises are only used for “agricultural crop and equipment storage and for no other purpose.”

Agents working for Mr Knowles contacted local residents and supplied two letters from those who supported the extension.

Mr and Mrs Kevin Randell of Woodbury, Manea Road, told the council that “hopefully the extension will prove positive. It will be good to see the grain storage building used again.”

Steven Lock, of The Limes, Manea Road, also said he supported the application.