Survey finds staggering 97 cent support for new Aldi store

Visual of the new store Aldi proposes to erect in Whittlesey.

Visual of the new store Aldi proposes to erect in Whittlesey. - Credit: Aldi

Of 1,900 people who responded to a consultation on opening an Aldi supermarket in Whittlesey, 97 per cent supported it.  

Only two per cent (38) objected whilst one per cent (7) were “neutral or undecided”. 

Aldi has published the findings as part of a planning application to Fenland District Council.  

Gavin Taylor, senior development management officer for Fenland Council, told the company that  the council broadly welcomed it.  

He said that if a retail impact assessment concurs, the council did not think the scheme compromises the “vitality and viability” of the town centre. 

Fenland Council also expects a “satisfactory resolution” to highways and transport impacts but subject to these it is likely to receive a favourable recommendation from officers. 

Aldi says they sought public reaction through postal feedback forms, website, email and phone calls. 

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They found a third of respondents listed Aldi at Stanground as their main store for food shopping, with 18 per cent favouring Morrisons at Stanground and 10 per cent using Tesco at Hampton.  

Fourth most popular method of food shopping for Whittlesey people was online with six per cent using Whittlesey Co-op, three per cent shopping at Nisa and two per cent use Heron in Whittlesey. 

Aldi says the feedback so far has been “overwhelmingly in support” although they accept the views of some that Whittlesey already has adequate shopping facilities. 

“This view is very limited, with most expressing the view that there is a need for increased retail choice and competition,” says Aldi. 

“The cast majority of respondents were in favour of an Aldi however a handful of respondents agreed there was a need for a supermarket but are not in favour of it being Aldi.  

“Their reasons for this are either because they do not approve of Aldi products or their supermarket of choice is not Aldi.  

“Previously the site benefitted from permission for a supermarket to be occupied by J Sainsbury.” 

Both Tesco and Sainsbury fought for years for permission to build a supermarket in the town but both pulled out. 

Ironically one resident told Aldi: “Whittlesey needs a good quality and valued supermarket in the way of Tesco or Sainsbury – fed up seeing Aldi and Lidl’s popping up everywhere.”