Bank that likes to say Yes finds council planners say No to branch lighting proposals

A BANK’S bright idea to put strip lighting above a Fenland branch has been kicked into touch by planners who described their proposals as “excessive and extremely unattractive”.

Lloyds TSB – the bank that ‘likes to say yes’- got a firm no from Fenland District Council over the lighting planned for its branch in Queen Street, Whittlesey.

Even though the town council backed their bid – and Whittlesey Society only requested that the lights should not be too obtrusive- the district council quashed the plans.

The council’s conservation officer told bosses he was “of the opinion, that the bright green internally illuminated light strips are unlikely to enhance the character or appearance of this part of the conservation area.

“I feel the illuminated strips along the frontage are excessive and extremely

unattractive. I would therefore recommend the amendment of the proposal to exclude the green light strips, which, as well as being unattractive additions to this period building, appear to have no actual function.”

The conservation officer said the branch is within the Whittlesey Conservation Area and “sits in close proximity to two grade II listed buildings and a grade II* listed building.”

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“The colour of the proposed lighting would be particularly brash and incongruous in this location.”

And the officer insisted that the council’s policy was to allow illuminated displays only if they were essential “and this is clearly not the case in this instance as the

proposal relates to a bank”.

Nigel Brown, delivery development manager, delivered the verdict to the bank.