BUDGET 2013: Wisbech businessman says he’d like to see investment in infrastructure and especially the A47

John Foster

John Foster - Credit: Archant

WISBECH businessman John Foster would like to see investment in infrastructure- particularly the A47- and a reduction in business rates and fuel duty in next week’s Budget.

As Chancellor George Osborne prepares for revealing his proposals next Wednesday, Mr Foster, chief executive of Foster Property Maintenance is sure of what he would like to see.

“I would like to see improved infrastructure, particularly the A47, and reduction in corporation tax and income tax,” he said.

“I would also like to see a reduction in business rates and fuel duty. Regardless of the current economic climate, the government is pulling in rates and is not managing it properly.

“I would also like to see measure for easier access for funding for training for small and medium sized businesses. We put in a bid along with the College of West Anglia to put a training school in place and we didn’t see anything.

“To my mind, the government hasn’t got it right. They are trying to reduce spending, which is fine, but you have got to put something back. It all starts with infrastructure. “We are actively looking at taking options on land for new-build social housing, but this is limited by the facilities in the area - the road and rail access, the hospitals.

“In the United States and France, they are in a similar situation to us, but they are thriving. Although it’s a net borrowing cost up front it will end up being very cost effective.”