Chatteris firm with £20m growth plan

Combined Authority visit to Aerotron Chatteris 2021

Ian Davies (left), general manager at Aerotron Composites, with CAPCA business board member Al Kingsley. - Credit: CAPCA

Plans for further growth to turn an aerospace parts manufacturer into a £20 million business were discussed as part of a visit. 

Al Kingsley, of the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority’s (CAPCA) business board, visited Aerotron Composites in Chatteris. 

“Forward thinking companies like Aerotron Composites are vital in supporting a strong and sustainable economic recovery from Covid-19,” he said. 

Mr Kingsley heard about the firm’s plans for growth, which was supported in growing its new premises on Fenton Way last year thanks to £2m from CAPCA’s Local Growth Fund. 

Combined Authority visit Aerotron Composites in Chatteris

Al Kingsley visited Aerotron Composites in Chatteris to see how the company is progressing since it relocated. - Credit: CAPCA

He also heard about Aerotron’s focus on providing the necessary skills for local people to help the company grow. 

The move to Fenton Way has led to a two-fold increase in its workforce and doubling its output. 

The switch to Chatteris from Huntingdon was part of a five-year plan to turn Aerotron Composites, which supplies the civil and military aviation industry, into a £20m business. 

Combined Authority visit Aerotron Composites in Chatteris

Ian Davies speaks to Al Kingsley as part of a visit to Aerotron Composites by the Combined Authority. - Credit: CAPCA

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“It was great to see not just the doubling of jobs and Aerotron’s plans for growth, but the fact that they are prepared to invest in local people to give them the skills they need,” Mr Kingsley said. 

“It was welcoming to hear how the business board’s support is helping Aerotron on the road to becoming a significant employer in the north of the county.” 

It is planned that further jobs will be created at Aerotron Composites, with a phase two building in the pipeline in a bid to establish an aerospace repair centre. 

The firm has also launched its own training programme for apprentices to meet workforce targets. 

Aerotron Composites, Fenton Way, Chatteris

Inside Aerotron Composites facility on Fenton Way, Chatteris. - Credit: CAPCA

“Aerotron Composites looks forward to a lasting relationship with CAPCA and we are grateful for the support we have received to enable our relocation to Chatteris,” Aerotron’s general manager Ian Davis said. 

“We continue to expand and provide valuable skilled jobs in the local area, and we can provide training for those that wish to join us.  

“We hope to commence phase two and three of our facilities in the near future when more jobs will be created.” 

Worker at Aerotron Composites in Chatteris

Aerotron Composites has been a doubling in its workforce since its move to Chatteris. - Credit: CAPCA

As part of CAPCA’s local industrial strategy to promote growth in this sector, they have aimed to make Chatteris a manufacturing innovation hub.

This includes funding from CAPCA’s business board for a new training centre at Stainless Metalcraft on Honeysome Road.