Ely farm business consultant Brown & Co expanding its Single Payment Scheme online application service

Brown & Co - article

Brown & Co - article - Credit: Archant

FARM business consultant Brown & Co is expanding its Single Payment Scheme online application service, offering more farmers a quick, low-cost alternative to traditional paper claims.

The service will also help farmers gain experience of online application, which could become compulsory within a couple of years, says consultant Tim Young of Brown & Co’s Ely office.

“We are offering a two-level approach to any farmer who would like help, not just existing clients,” Mr Young said.

“The first option is form-filling only, useful to those farmers who have all their data in place but are unable to apply online, perhaps because they don’t have the expertise or broadband availability.

“The second option would involve Brown & Co completing the application, but also adding our advice and recommendations and checking that all the information is correct.

“This would suit new applicants or those who have bought or rented extra land where several transfers of entitlement are likely to complicate the process.”

Farmers likely to encounter the key pitfalls might also benefit.

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A typical medium sized farm with few complications would expect to pay the minimum £350 charge for the form-filling service, while a bigger farm needing a lot of advice would pay more.