FENLAND ENTERPRISE BUSINESS AWARDS: Some tips on how to put together a winning entry

ENTERING awards can often be a daunting task, sitting staring at a blank sheet of paper wondering where on earth you start telling your businesses story. Well, below are a few great tips on how to put together an inspiring read that the judges will remember.

• Read the criteria thoroughly and then go back and read it again

IT may sound obvious to say read the criteria again and again but when writing a submission it is very easy to get side tracked or go off course.

The Submission needs to be factual and easy to read. The Judges have a lot of information to ingest so it is important to make it as easy as possible.

• Get a second Opinion

WRITING a submission can be intensive and the person writing it can become too close to the project.

Have someone proof read over the submission to get a second opinion, or leave it alone and go back to it after a couple of days. You will be surprised at how many changes you will make.

Most Read

• Evidence

IS your business the best of the best? Well, Judges will not believe it just because you say so, you need to put together a solid case that is backed up by evidence.

You are able to supply two pieces of quantative supporting documentation with your entry. This can be anything from graphs and charts to marketing literature or testimonials.

Index your supporting information clearly and correctly. The judges will remember the entries that are easiest to read.

Tell the story; make it an inspiring read and one that is written from the heart. If you are passionate about your business this will come through and can be infectious.

• Use the submission process as a learning tool

ENTERING awards are a fantastic way for you to profile your business internally and many find the whole process a great eye opener.

Even if you do not make the shortlist you will find the process of great strategic value to your business.

Look at the categories and think about the different areas within your business, where you want your business to be and what you will do to achieve your goals. Document it well and you are half way to a winning submission already.