Gallery: Shapers in Wisbech celebrates 30th anniversary with pictorial look at gym over the years

SHAPERS fitness centre in Wisbech continues to go from strength to strength — and it celebrates its 30th anniversary with a trip down memory lane.

Founder Paul Whyatt opened a home-made gym consisting of derelict farm machinery in 1981 in a Three Holes barn, for the training interests of himself and friends.

However, interest in the gym soon grew which encouraged Mr Whyatt to quit his job at the Metal Box factory and relocate to a larger premises, ‘The Chicken Shed’ in Christchurch.

Today, his gym now consists of cutting-edge strength training equipment including nautilus and hammer-strength machines at its North Street home — where it’s flourished since 1985.

Mr Whyatt said: “Shapers has evolved with the times but continued to operate like a true gym should.

“We’re a bit of a niche gym I suppose — it’s very hardcore and you get a strong flavour of that when you arrive. A lot of brand-new gyms are watered down places but we’ve continued to keep our strong brand identity despite installing the newest equipment on the market.

“A gym is a working environment and you can’t buy that ambience, you have to develop it over time, which we really have.”

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OPENING TIMES: Mon-Fri 9am-9.30pm; Sat: 10am-5pm and Sun: 10am-1pm

CONTACT: 01945 589100.