Halifax shuts counter services in March

CUSTOMERS say they have been left high and dry by a bank closure.

Halifax is to shut its counter services at 34 Broad Street, March after a “careful review”.

It means people will have to travel 10 miles to Wisbech or 20 miles to Peterborough to get to their nearest branch or switch their account to another bank.

Branch user John Denham said it will cause inconvenience to many customers and will cause some without internet access or regular transport serious difficulties.

Mr Denham, of Coalville Close, March, said: “I believe Halifax is showing complete contempt for its customers. I have spoken to these people and told them I am not very pleased.”

He added that bank closures were akin to Post Office closures because people need often need to visit their local branch, even with the growth of online banking.

He said: “The country is in a mess financially and it has been caused by the banks. Here, on a local level, is a bank showing contempt for its customers.”

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In a letter to sent to users of the Broad Street counter, Halifax’s Gordon Edwards said: “Following a careful review we have decided to withdraw the counter services offered by independent agents on behalf of Halifax.”

The managing director for independent agencies added: “I appreciate that news of this closure may be disappointing. Please accept my sincere apologies.

“I appreciate that you may have to travel further to visit these alternative branches and I apologise for any inconvenience this causes.”

The counter shuts on Friday, November 12.