Haulier Bretts plan big boost to transport and storage depot at Guyhirn

HAULIERS Bretts Transport plans a 7,500 square metre extension to their transport and storage depot at Thorney Road, Guyhirn.

The company, which began in the 1930s and developed through orders from the east Anglian canning and agricultural industries, says it needs the extra space to cope with continued growth.

If approved, the extension will allow Bretts to close warehousing space it leases in Peterborough – a complicated arrangement which means the double handling of goods at the Guyhirn depot.

Goods are currently transported to Guyhirn, shipped out to Peterborough for storage, and then returned for loading and dispatch.

Bretts currently delivers in excess of 4,000 tons of canned food and other grocery products each week and handles around 5,000 pallets.

The company has told Fenland planners that with the vast majority of HGV arrivals and departures taking place outside of peak hours, the A47 shouldn’t be badly affected by the extra traffic.