In the week Tesco bid for 24,700 square metre shopping leisure complex, Tracy wins right for SEVEN square metre salon

AMIDST celebrations for Tesco’s �50 million superstore and leisure park - spanning 25,000 square metres- across town Stacy Patrick was celebrating approval for a salon measuring just SEVEN square metres.

After months of wrangling and rejection, she finally won approval to convert part of her garden garage into a hair salon so that she can work from home.

Her bid to use a small part of the garage as a salon was sneered at by Wisbech town councillors who thought she should rent one of the town’s empty shops.

And it was rejected by Fenland District Council who feared noise and disturbance to her neighbours and agreed, too, she should move to the town centre.

But Miss Patrick refused to give up and this week she heard that her appeal to the Government’s Planning Inspectorate had been successful and she can now start work.

Her agent, David Broker, said: “We do tend to get these daft decisions and this was certainly one of them. I think the planning committee didn’t fully appreciate the small scale of the proposal and the fact that there are so many other businesses which operate from domestic properties.

“It is a commendation for Miss Patrick that she wants to look after her children herself and this will allow her to do that.”

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Miss Patrick, 27, of Falklands Drive, Wisbech, who has a 16-month-old son and is expecting another in four weeks didn’t give up and appealed.

Miss Patrick, who is due to marry in August, said: “I was devastated. I was really really gutted. I thought that as I had already spent the money on the application I might as well have a go and appeal. I didn’t think I would get it because the council had made its mind up.”

The appeal inspector said: “I consider that the scale of the proposed operation would not be such that it would have any impact on the viability of the town centre, also having regard to the limited times at which the use would operate.”