Larkfleet Homes director to become Inernational Green Hero

AN ECO-friendly leader from the Fens has been appointed as an “International Green Hero”.

AN ECO-friendly leader from the Fens has been appointed as an “International Green Hero”.

Larkfleet Homes managing director Karl Hick was given the top job after his company won a Green Apple Award for its environmental credentials.

Companies from across the world will now look to the Bourne-based property development firm for advice on how to save the planet by creating sustainable and efficient buildings.

In addition Mr Hick has been invited to a House of Commons ceremony in November to collect a National Green Plaque - a symbol of the business’ huge contribution to the built environment.

Mr Hick said: “These awards demonstrate just how Larkfleet Group is committed to providing not only much needed affordable housing but also sustainable housing.

“Our work with housing providers allows many first-time buyers to get their foot on the property ladder.”

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Larkfleet, which is sponsoring the Training and Development Category at this year’s Fenland Enterprise Business Awards (FEBA), has showed that the recession does not have to mean a cutback in eco-friendly building.

The firm has gone from strength to strength during the downturn and has built some of the most modern and sustainable properties in places like Eye, Peterborough and Deeping St James.

The Green Organisation was so impressed with Larkfleet’s Sustainability Demonstration House, next to the Bourne head office, that it awarded it the prestigious Green Apple.

Its carbon neutral approach also netted it several Young Enterprise certificates and the company scooped “Affordable Housebuilder of the Year” at the 2010 Housing Excellence Awards.

Meanwhile it has teamed up with housing associations to build affordable homes and has won funding from the Government’s Kickstart programme to breath life into the house building market.

A spokesman for the developer said: “Larkfleet is dedicated to providing high quality, environmentally friendly, affordable homes.

“The number of awards it has won demonstrates it is meeting these high standards.”