Future 50: Meet the businesses to watch in 2022

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The Future 50 programme is important because it brings together communities of likeminds, great ideas and big ambitions - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The Future 50 programme is once again recognising those businesses that have consistently grown over the past 12 months and have demonstrated ambition to continue that growth into 2022 and beyond. For this reason, I love the energy and excitement that comes hand in hand with the companies chosen to take part in the cohort. The optimism, unwavering ability to push forward and the vision for a better future for all of us is always inspiring. 

The past two years have been tough for many, whilst a land of opportunity for others. Entrepreneurial minds have prospered, they've grown and have found new solutions where existing models have come to die. Those companies which we recognise as growing today are the leaders of industry tomorrow, and that proposition should be an energising wave for all business owners, leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs; that you too can start small and grow big, even when the world we know changes.

This year the cohort is made up of businesses from across the East of England; no longer just Norfolk and Suffolk. Those businesses are distinguished in their industry, but share a collective view of keeping our region on the map as a place of commerce, innovation and world-leading ideas.  

Archant is proud to stand by the Future 50 programme and its partners, as without fail over the years, we've seen businesses recognised five or 10 years ago turn into businesses that have a truly global reach, but a very local focus. Creating jobs, giving back to communities and driving attention from new investors.  

Archant continues to be one of the UK's leading regional publishers, with more that 140 brands within its portfolio. It has become one of the most recognisable creative agencies in the industry, as well as a leader in the creation of new technologies for delivering local news; backed by partners like Google. The company began with a simple newspaper and a commitment to the community; today that commitment is stronger than ever in everything we do.  

That is why the Future 50 programme is so important, because it brings together communities of likeminds, great ideas and big ambitions, all of which ultimately benefit those within the cities we live in, the counties we adore and the futures we hope to see for our families, friends and children. Here are the companies named in this year's Future 50:

  • Air Manage Suffolk
  • Akcela
  • Blakely
  • Bread Hospitality
  • Bread Source
  • British Mouldings
  • Bwownies
  • Carryr
  • Chestnut
  • Colorifix
  • DueTrade
  • Equipmake
  • Face to Face Finance
  • Finch Design Company
  • FLEETSense
  • FreightForce
  • Full Mix Marketing
  • GLO – Generate Leads Online
  • Good Sense Research
  • Gravitilab Aerospace Services
  • HTK
  • Inform Direct
  • Insight Energy
  • KIKI Health
  • KisanHub
  • Kofra Coffee
  • Loads4Less
  • MAD-HR
  • Match Bingo
  • Minors & Brady
  • N2S
  • Natures Grub
  • Norfolk Football
  • Norwich Accountancy Services
  • Oyster Yachts
  • Panel Graphic
  • PlantGrow
  • Quickfire Digital 
  • R13 Recruitment
  • Readingmate
  • Seaglaze Marine Windows
  • Seven Resourcing
  • SkiYodl
  • Smash Marketing
  • Timber Frame Management
  • The Games Table
  • The Gangway
  • The Norfolk Workshop
  • Westcotec

Find out more about Future 50 at www.edp24.co.uk/news/business/future50