Mushroom factory and new AD plant could bring 200 extra jobs to the Fens

TWO hundred extra jobs are coming to Fenland following approval of a mushroom farm and an anaerobic digestion plant on a 100 acre site at Littleport.

East Cambs planners gave approval yesterday to the proposals by Barway Farms – part of Shropshire’s- to create the multi million pound dual operation at May Farm, White House Road.

Dozens objected to the plans but the planning committee also heard from many supporters who welcomed the jobs boost to the local economy.

The company says by developing a site in the Fens for mushrooms it will reduce reliance on imports.

“The Shropshire Group provides a lot of business in the area and believe the

mushroom farm and AD plant will bring important new investment and

opportunities” said a report by planning officers. They expect it could also provide a base for expansion in the future.

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The AD Plant would be located adjacent to the mushroom farm and the co-location of the two facilities will enable heat and electricity generated by the AD Plant to be used to run the mushroom farm with any surplus electricity generated being exported back to the national grid.

One petition received by the council with 104 signatures objected to the proposals on the ground of noise and visual impact, odour nuisance, traffic, road safety risk, risk to health, loss of amenity “ and on the grounds that the application “is in some respects biased and defective”

The company was also accused of a “blatant disregard of the health and safety of local population and inconsiderate behaviour” and one resident objected on the grounds that “our view of Ely Cathedral will be obliterated.”

However officers told the committee of others who believed the plant would be a great boost to the area and bring an additional �4 million a year to the local economy;

Nearly 40 conditions have been attached to the plans including new roads access and other community contributions totalling over �500,000.