Payroll changes are almost here

Kelly Brown Payroll Bureau Manager, Whiting & Partners

Kelly Brown Payroll Bureau Manager, Whiting & Partners - Credit: Archant

WITH less than two weeks to go before the biggest shake-up in the 70 years of the PAYE system goes active, many employers are still getting to grips with the changes.

The bottom line is that every time you, as an employer, pay a member of your workforce you will have to file on-line what is effectively a mini year-end return under the banner ‘Real Time Information’.

Whiting & Partners have been holding a series of seminars during the last few weeks dealing with a host of issues raised by HMRC’s new legislation.

Queries have ranged from ‘what happens when I’m on holiday’ to ‘will my PAYE payment method be affected’ and ‘I employ seasonal part-timers, what do I do about their PAYE?.

Our Payroll Bureau has been prepared for April 6 for some time because there is significantly more work to be undertaken by employers as they meet the demands of the new legislation. We may not know all the answers but we have a quick and direct way to get them.

You will have received an invitation to join the RTI scheme but do not be fooled. It’s less of an invitation and more of a ‘shotgun’ approach; you have no option but to join.

Whether you have 1 or 100+ employees we can help by taking care of your payroll, leaving you to concentrate on your business while we comply with RTI.