Pike Textiles appeals for Wisbech workers to come out of retirement

A MANUFACTURER has launched an appeal for experienced older workers to come out of retirement.

Pike Textile Display has called on factory workers to dust off their overalls to help it cope with busy periods.

The Wisbech firm produces fabric, wallpaper and window blind display books for shops such as John Lewis and often needs batches of temporary workers to deal with the rush.

Managing director Jon Allen believes knowledgeable old-handers available at short notice could be a reliable and trustworthy addition to the team.

Mr Allen said: “More people are very healthy into old age so we think retired people might suit.

“Lots of jobs need to have some experienced people. If you have to spend time training people then the business cannot always be as responsive.

“If there are some experienced people locally, it could suit them to work a few weeks at a time and allow us be much more competitive.”

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Pike Textile Display was set up 100 years ago and moved to Wisbech in 1973. It has 80 permanent staff but often needs temporary workers to help cope with its busy periods - from January to March and from August to September - when it produces fabric catalogues for the new calendar seasons.

But that costs the business time and money because workers have to be trained for short-term contracts. They then leave and often never return.

The aim is to get people on their books who can be available as and when they are needed over a long period of time.

For more information, contact Pike Textile Display on 01945 461361 or visit www.pike-textiles.com