Sales soar at Fenland firm after guidance from top business coach

A FAMILY-run Fenland company has seen its sales soar after working with a top business coach.

March-based firm Commercial Utility Brokers (UK), which helps businesses manage their energy and utility portfolio, signed up for the guidance via the “Coaching for High Growth” programme.

The programme, which is delivered by St John’s Innovation Centre, offers companies in the East of England one-to-one support, guidance and mentoring.

Jaqui Fairfax, managing director at CUB, said advice from Sharon Stevens - a professional business coach with over 25 years experience - was vital in helping the company resolve problems.

She said: “Whilst the issues were not unusual, some were sensitive because of the familial nature of the business. We felt that access to an experienced, independent coach would be critical in helping us solve the issues fast and we were right.”

Business coach Ms Stevens said: “The sales and admin team were not working together as one cohesive team, each blaming each other for problems. Resentments were building and battle lines were being drawn.

“There was a fundamental lack of openness and trust between the two groups. We worked at helping them all to understand one another’s frustrations and challenges.

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“This meant they talked openly about problems and worked together to resolve them quickly.”

CUB have just won their largest ever contract - double the size of any previous effort - and the client base has grown by 22 per cent since the coaching started.

The business expects to recruit nine new staff in the next year to deal with the expansion.

Ms Fairfax said: “The coaching we have received has revolutionized our business and the time we have committed to it has been repaid many times over.

“It is amazing how much has changed as a result of better communication and an understanding that it’s OK to disagree with a colleague as long as you hear each other out.

“All the staff are re-energised, sales are up and there is a real buzz in the office.”

Coaching for High Growth supports businesses of all shapes, sizes and sectors across the region. To find out more about the programme, visit or call Janette Pallas on 01223 420252.